Cheyenne, Cradle, H 44", Glass trade beads, parfleche hide, brass balls, hide thongs, wood, brass tacks and red paint, Late 1880s
Murik Lakes Regions, Sepik River Delta, Papua, New Guinea, Headrest, L 26" W 3" (at center), Wood, bamboo, cane lashing, Early 20th c.
Hopi, Dance Shield, Pressed wood, c. 1920
Hagwilget Canyon Area Cache, British Columbia, Stone Emblem of Fertility, L 22 1/2", Sandstone, partial restoration, Prehistoric, c. 2000 BC
Fiji, Kava Bowl, Diameter 19 1/2", Vesi wood, 19th c.
Inca Culture, Peru, Idol, Male Figure, H 2 1/2", Silver, 1350 - 1550 A.D.
Flores, Indonesia, Mask, H 4 1/2", Wood, paint, Early 19th c.
Guatemala, Stone Hacha, H 11" W 9", Granite, Pre-contact