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The Gallery is pleased to provide a San Francisco venue to this group of artists
during our Summer Vacation.

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Bruno Aguirre
The Head, 38 x 48", Oil on linen canvas Las Katrinas, 60 x 96", Oil on linen canvas Sleeping Man, 38 x 48", Oil on linen canvas

Jason Griego
Angel of Sorrow, 32" H x 22" W x 16 1/2" D, Bronze, Edition: 28 Madonna in the Lava, 21" H x 12" W x 6 1/2"D, Bronze, Edition: 21 Totem, 3/4 life, Mixed Media

Nano Lopez
Birdman, Bronze Industman, Bronze Cargo Man, Bronze

Stanley Mouse
Tangled Up in Blue, Oil on linen Skeleton and Roses, Concert Poster Steve Miller Band Album Cover

Bill Weber aka El Gallo
Einstein, 36 x 48", Oil on linen canvas Birth of a Planet, 36 x 48", Oil on panel Roosterian Landscape, 28 x 42", Oil on panel