Paintings - Day of the Dead

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Andy, 18 x 24", Oil on canvas, 2006
Dia de los Muertos #2 / Companeros, 18 x 24", Oil on canvas, 2006
The Bride, 18 x 28", Oil on canvas, 2006
Vanitas, 24 x 18", Oil on canvas, 2006
Mati, 24 x 18", Oil on canvas, 2006
Ascent into Darkness, 24 x 24", Oil on canvas, 2006
Lurching Forward Leaking Light, 18 x 24", Oil on canvas, 2006
Scott, Surprised, 18 x 24", Oil on canvas, 2006
Dia de los Muertos #1, 18 x 24", Oil on linen, 2005-6

These paintings have evolved from a number of photographs taken on one evening, “Dia de Los Muertos”, or the Day of the Dead, November 2nd, 2005. The paintings, for the most part, are images of close friends, (and even one of myself), all painted and dressed up like skeletons on this day of remembrance. For personal reasons, these photos are very evocative for me of bigger intertwined themes of life & death, love and loss, friendship, and the passing of time, and the idea of family. I love the contrast between the imposing image of the mask, and the realization that beneath that skull is a sensitive pair of eyes looking out…and, beneath that, the real skull. In some of the paintings, that relationship is more ambiguous, and the people truly look like skeletons. The photographs I’ve worked from were both my own, and those of various folks depicted in the paintings, many of whom are artists I work with on a daily basis, and I thank them for being so generous with such wonderful material for my use. I love that night, the quiet and reverent but also festive crowds winding their way through the streets, the quiet presence of those that have passed on, and the unique atmosphere, simultaneously grave and joyous. It seems to me important that we acknowledge our ghosts, and one night a year, spend time with them a little more directly.

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