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Family History II, 11 1/2" h x 16" w, Mixed media, 2006, Rooted Figure, 36" h x 8" w x 8" d, Copper, 2006 Codex of the Archaic, 16" h x 44" w, Mixed media on copper, 2005,
Small Sketched Figure #2, 35" h x 8" w x 8" d, Copper, 2006 Venus of Metropolis II, 32" h x 7" w x 7" d, Copper, 2006 Avian Warrior II, 17 1/2" h x 3" w x 2" d, Mixed metals, 2005,
Salvaged Icons, 42" h x 56" w, Mixed media on paper, 2005, Many Hands, 21" h x 17" w , Copper, paper, 2004, Life in the Garden, 17" h x 19" w, Mixed media, 2006

Charles Campbell Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of recent sculpture, assemblages and books by Tor Archer.

Tor Archer’s work has been shown throughout the United States since 1986. He is well known in the Bay Area and has exhibited extensively on the west coast. He participated in the first Bay Area-wide "Hearts in SF" project in 2004, a benefit for the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. This is his first solo show with the gallery and we are fortunate to include out-door sculpture in our beautiful tropical garden setting.

The figure has been Archer’s primary subject for several years. The form is familiar and the material is captivating. Whether a piece is made from solid, heavy stone and brick, or fashioned from hammered copper pipes, the viewer is invited to experience human nature from an alternative perspective.

The artist skillfully blends copper, iron, gold and scrap metal with recycled industrial materials found near his studio at the former Hunter’s Point Shipyard in San Francisco. The resulting idiosyncratic concoctions reference a liaison between material, form and content. In addition to figurative, freestanding sculpture, Archer creates assemblage pieces that he sometimes refers to as "wall reliefs" and he makes unique, sculptural books.

Tor Archer attended Boston University where he studied with Isabel McIlvain and received a Master of Fine Arts degree. His works are featured in our first floor space as well as our garden. A large figure installed in front of the gallery welcomes all.

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