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Jane Fisher, Layout, 60 x 42", Oil on panel, 2007
Jane Fisher, Cudas, 38 x 48", Oil on panel, 2007,
Jane Fisher, Inward, 72 x 52", Oil on canvas, 2006,
Jane Fisher, Pike, 22 x 33 1/4", Oil on panel, 2006,
Jane Fisher, Navvy, 64 x 38", Oil on panel, 2007,
Jane Fisher, Full Twist, 38 x 48", Oil on paper on panel, 2007,
Inclination, 6 x 8", Oil on canvas, 2004
Jane Fisher, Swimmer, 48 x 35", Oil on panel, 2007,
Jane Fisher, Old Master (diptych), 48 x 40 each", Oil on panel, 2006,

This new body of work confirms Jane Fisher’s command of subject and palette as presented from her insightful perspective. She paints ordinary, identifiable people in familiar settings - individuals rather than ideals – and familiar though not necessarily family. The people in this series are divers – in motion in mid air or static on the board, and in, or above, the water.

These subjects remind us that we seek diversions on weekends and time off or away from responsibilities. We think of diving as fun, or as a sport. In addition, the physicality of diving provides the momentary experience of being in other mediums: air and water. This allows for a true divergence from our day-to-day existence. Fisher reinforces this concept by portraying subjects in ambiguous backgrounds; is it air or water? Either way, we see these divers are clearly confined by the edges of the canvas, analogous to the confines or our everyday lives.

Diversion usually implies amusement so perhaps Fisher finds this play on words – divers and diversions – a source of both amusement as well as inspiration for these paintings.

Fisher has shown work in public since 1984. She is well known in the Bay Area, formerly represented at Hackett-Freedman, and has exhibited her works throughout the United States. Other gallery affiliations are Lyons Weir in Chicago and New York and Geishedel in Chicago. This is her first solo exhibition with the gallery.

Jane Fisher received her BFA from Ohio University and received a Master of Fine Arts degree from The Art Institute of Chicago.

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