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Kevin Bean, Jesus, Abraham and Maria, 70 x 76", Oil on canvas, 2007. Kevin Bean, Velazquez Abstraction, 60 x 56", Oil on canvas, 2007. Kevin Bean, Geometric Abstraction (07.111), 42 x 50", Oil on canvas, 2007.
Kevin Bean, Man Against the Sky I, 30 x 25", Oil on canvas, 2006. Kevin Bean, George Washington, 70 x 76", Oil on canvas, 2006. Kevin Bean, Abstraction - Orange, 34 x 40", Oil on canvas, 2007.
Kevin Bean, Old Friend, 60 x 50", Oil on canvas, 2003. Kevin Bean, The Mystery of Snow, 70 x 60", Oil on canvas, 1995. Kevin Bean, Sunday Morning, 36 x 42", Oil on canvas, 1995.
Kevin Bean, First Day of Spring, 21 x 26", Oil on canvas, 2007. Kevin Bean, Evening (00.163), 70 x 70", Oil on canvas, 2000. Kevin Bean, Untitled Number 7, 9 x 9", Colored pencil on paper, 2007.

Charles Campbell Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings by Kevin Bean. This is a survey show featuring figurative and abstract works done over a twenty-year period.

The artist suggested the title, “I am a Group Show”. It reflects his interests in exploring color, composition, surface handling and the painting process itself - within a context of various approaches to both abstract and figurative painting. His subjects may be serious or silly, or a combination thereof. Either way they provide an insight into the artists’ sense of humor as well as his appreciation for the historical and awareness of the contemporary - as expressed by Kevin Bean. Abstract works may be atmospheric, geometric or otherwise, while most of the figurative pieces are photo based - yet not photographic.

In fact, more often the figures in Beans’ paintings are not specific people. The viewer is invited to experience the familiarity expressed in the works, particularly those created between 1999 through 2004, achieved by subtle portrayals of stance or gesture. They represent memories and experiences that we identify as our own, rather than the artists’.

The threads that weave continuity through the works are Bean’s concern for composition, his handling of the paint and his own, personal offering of process and surface. The artist has articulated his own description of his works, referencing them as conversations between light and color.

Bean completed undergraduate studies at Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine. He has lived in SF over twenty years, completing his MFA at UC Berkeley in 1995. In addition to working in his studio he has been teaching painting and drawing for the past seven years at Stanford University. This is Kevin’s second solo show with the gallery. He has exhibited work nationally and previously showed (exclusively abstract work) with John Berggruen Gallery in SF. He has gallery affiliations in New York, Connecticut and San Diego.

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