Sketched Figure V, 96 x 24 x 19", Fabricated copper, 2003 Entangled Figure, 122 x 29 x 27", Fabricated copper, 2005   Book of the Hand #3, 21 1/2 x 16 x 9" (overall), Mixed media book, 2002
A Small Annunciation, 46 x 8 x 8", Copper, steel, 1997 Woven Figure, 24 x 6 x 6", Copper, 2005
I have been working on a series of standing figurative sculptures that originated in an attempt to represent the line quality of the sketches in my notebooks.

Weaving these together from lightly hammered copper pipe and tubing, I have looked to forms in nature; the structure of branches, the weaving of nests or the layering of sedimentary rock, for inspiration in the forming of the figures.

The works on paper reflect my ongoing interest in old manuscripts, indecipherable texts, scrolls, books, mythologies, religious imagery and worn, salvaged materials.

These are usually based on a figurative image or images presented in either an iconic format or within a suggested narrative, each intending to suggest contained meaning.

Many have an invented language to hint at the possibility of deciphering the meaning within, which ultimately remains hidden, leaving the works to function as objects of contemplation.

Tor Archer - Archaic Visions

Introductions 2006 exhibition

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